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House Moving Made Easy with a Larger Removal Company

House Moving Made Easy with a Larger Removal Company

The thought of moving house is daunting. It can be an emotional rollercoaster as we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to old memories and hello (hopefully) a new life in our dream home. We’ve all been there—moving day has arrived and now it’s time for that momentous task: packing up your entire household into boxes!

While most people would turn to their friends or family members when faced with this monumental chore, there are options for you; hiring removal companies are here!

A reputable removal company will take care of everything from emptying out your stuffy attic space while simultaneously loading up on their truck without breaking a sweat! With the right equipment, vehicles and resources, a moving company can make the job look easy. 

Removal Company v Man with A Van

One of the biggest differences between a man with a van and removal companies is that larger companies will offer more services to their customers. Whereas, for example, you can hire someone to load your belongings onto his van or unload them at your new home after driving from one location to another in an attempt to make it cheaper than hiring professional movers – there are other alternatives when it comes down to moving large amounts items.

Large removal company’s like ours have comprehensive door-to-door options available which means we’ll arrive at your home first before packing everything up on. With a site survey we can estimate how many vehicles and resources are necessary. With our large fleet size we can pack and transport the whole contents of a house in one day. We also supply (and pack if you wish) moving boxes to help the process along and ensure a smooth and safe transit. 

Most man and a van services are unable to cater for such large moves and moving can often take a few days due to lack of capacity and resources. Man and a van provide a valuable service to local communities but for someone looking to move house in a quick and efficient manner, we would always recommend going with a larger and reputable moving company.



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Damage insurance

Moving to a new place can be stressful, but having the right damage insurance coverage in place will help alleviate some of that stress. Typically a man and a van will have limited damage insurance, whereas your larger moving company’s insurance should cover any eventuality.

To find the best removal company for your needs, it is important to look at what kind of insurance coverage they provide. This can be a good gauge on their size and how well-equipped that organisation is as per your requirements.

Offering more Flexibility

Choosing a removals company for your move is probably the most important decision you will make when moving. The same goes if it’s to do with finding another removal firm, as there are only so many available at any given time. If you find yourself in this situation then we’d recommend choosing one of the larger companies who have fleets – or even armies-of trucks and crews ready 24/7. 

This level of flexibility is important as sometimes jobs run a little longer than planned. Larger removal companies will be able to react to this quicker, therefore, it should not effect your moving day and the crew turn up on the time expected.

Cost v Quality

Here the man with a van will likely win out over larger removal companies. The reason that established removal companies are able to expand in such fashion and provide clients with skilled labour is because they charge for those services. A man with a van may cut you a break on the price, but still provide good service! In truth, it’s your budget, needs and expectations of your provider which really make all the difference when choosing what company best suits you.house removals Swords


In the end, what decides if you go with a man and van or an established removal company will come down to your budget. If you’re looking for fast but cheap service then an option is to call up a mover who is willing to work on smaller jobs like carrying boxes or furniture from one place into another without charging as much as larger companies do.

When choosing which moving company works best for all of your needs I would recommend finding someone who provides skilled labour, efficient packing service and great customer service. Online reviews and testimonials are often a good way to gauge how good a job a removal company does in your area. If you are based in Dublin and looking to move, for example you can check out some online reviews we have of our services of many happy customers!

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